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Pan Asian has been gaining popularity as the most popular cuisine across the globe. Bangalore has always had its share of Pan Asian restaurants like Shiok, Blue Ginger, Ginseng, Mugen etc in the past…some of which closed down and others still continue. Over that last year or two there has been a sudden influx of, if I may say, New Age Pan Asian restaurants like Tim Tai, Fatty Bao and Mamagoto…My definition of New Age is …Chic/Modern/Quirky/Innovative Design, Concept and/or Themes.

Now, I’m a big fan of Pan Asian cuisine and make sure that I try out every new Pan Asian joint that opens up in the City 🙂

Tim Tai is located on the main eat-street in Koramangala and occupies the same bungalow which used to house another Pan Asian restaurant called Ping.

The ambiance and interiors wow you as you walk in…bright colors…high ceiling…sun roof…a tree in the middle…open kitchen counter…different seating options. Simply loved it…:-)
IMG_20141130_123839The menu they offer is vast.. providing a variety of appetizers, entrees, mains and desserts from Thai, Malay, Singapore, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Burmese and Chinese cuisines…Loved the dimsum section…new flavors and fillings beckon me 🙂

Anyways…to start us off…we ordered 2 types of veg dim sums (i can’t remember the names as it was a while back) and a mushroom satay to start us off. Also ordered a lemongrass flavored lemonade…








IMG_20141130_125501The dim sums…I must say…were heavenly. Unique Pan Asian flavors…soft…moist and the dips to go with it were also awesome. Loved every bit of it 🙂 I think one of the them…the green ones were Bamboo Shoots n Shiitake parcels.


The mushroom satay was also good…served on designer bamboo skewers…


For mains, we ordered the Singaporean Seafood Laksa, Pan fried noodles with Sesame flavored sauce and Thai Green Curry with steamed rice all of it from the “Meal by itself” menu section.

IMG_20141130_132232The Laksa…was yummy…and a huge portion. They could’ve warned us that the portion is huge for 1 person. Anyways looks like their Menu section “Meal by itself” is not exactly for one person…it is still meant for around 2 people. Anyway…the Laksa had nice thick broth…rice noodles and topped off with juicy prawns, basa fish n squid rings. Loved it…but alas…no way in the world i could finish that as rest of family are vegetarians…

IMG_20141130_132057The Pan fried noodles was also pretty good…maybe a bit bland for some people…but we liked it. My only recommendation to them if they can give a choice of sauces for this one as Pan fried noodles go well with multitude of sauces. It is served with a small side of pan fried bokchoy…which i felt was a nice touch.


IMG_20141130_132131The Thai Green Curry was again spot on, authentic, rich…you can simply scoop spoon after spoon and finish it off without rice 😉




IMG_20141130_140047After that lovely and filling main course…we did not have any space left for desserts…but we simply could not walk out of here without sampling at least one. So we decided to share a Banana Spring Roll with Chocolate Sauce. It took a tad too long for the dessert to arrive…but was worth the wait. Loved the crunchy fried spring rolls with sweet banana filling and just a drizzle of chocolate sauce. It’s served with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Overall we completely loved the food. Among the very best Pan Asian fare we’ve had in the city !

I’m definitely going back for a dim sum meal soon…would like to try all of their dim sums.

Service was quite efficient and good…no complaints at all.

All of this cost us around 2950…which I felt was quite reasonable compared to similar restaurants and experience.

Overall Rating : 4.5/5
Ambience : 5/5
Food : 4.5/5
Service : 4/5
VFM : 3.5/5

Recommended to all Pan Asian lovers 🙂

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