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If you are wondering what Kulfi has to do with Barbeque Nation, I had the very same question when I was invited recently for a special tasting session called “Decoding the Kulfi” at their Lido Mall outlet. So, we learned that they are running a special theme called “Kulfi Nation” highlighting a new DIY Kulfi station at all their outlets. In addition to the huge dessert spread they have, now you can also try a huge variety of kulfi creations !

What is special about the Kulfi station? Well, only that the different toppings, kulfi flavors and sauces result in an astounding 800 plus lip smacking permutations & combinations 🙂

Now, I’m not a big kulfi fan so I went in very skeptically. When they mentioned the initial flavors like Malai, Kesar and Mango, I was not too impressed. But then they got my attention when they introduced their Signature Pan, Anjeer and Strawberry flavored kulfis. Executive Chef Ankit mentioned that they have a standard recipe and SoP which they use across all their outlets to ensure flavor consistency. E.g they make their kulfi at a specific time of the day and buy their flavoring agents like fruit pulps and dry fruit mixes from the same vendor. What was very interesting for me to know was that their Pan Kulfi has actual Meetha Pan mixed in it. Yes, they buy Meetha Pan in bulk from a specific vendor and blend it into the kulfi mix to get that unbeatable meetha pan flavor for their kulfis. Moving on, they have a wide range of toppings such a gulkand, tutti fruitti, white choco chips, regular choco chips, choco vermicelli, multi colored sugar drops, sweet mouth freshener, crushed cashew/pista/almonds, cinnamon powder, rice semiya, basil seeds, fresh cut fruits, rabadi and some more. Then they have a set of yummy sauces such as kiwi, honey, chocolate, caramel, khus, rooh afza, mango and so on which are finally drizzled on top

There you go…now you can very well imagine the multitude of combos that are possible. If you are confused as to what goes well together there is a list of chef recommended combos which are tried and tested and popular 🙂

Needless to say, we bombarded the chef with our requests and had never ending rounds of tasting a number of recommended as well as new combos. Find below some pics that I managed to click in between all the chaotic samplings…;-)

The Pan kulfi with gulkand, rabdi, sweet coconut shavings and mouth freshner was the most popular. After stuffing ourselves with these and many more yummy kulfi creations by Chef Ankit, we took a long breath and settled down for the signature barbeque indulgence that BBQ Nation is well known for 🙂 I won’t talk or write much about it, let the pictures speak of the utter gluttony that took place.

All the grills and kebabs, both veg and non veg were all fresh, succulent and well marinated giving it amazing flavor and taste. My top picks that day were the Grilled Prawns, Fish and the Succulent Mutton Sheekh Kebabs. There was also Chicken tikka, Mushroom, Mixed Veg, Corn, Pineapple as well. What amazes me is that they have been able to maintain the flavor and freshness consistency even after so many years. Thumbs Up for that !

After all these, BBQ Nation also offers an extensive Main course and dessert spread. But we were so stuffed from the barbeque starters that we decided to just pick up some things that really beckoned us from the main course spread. The surprise element was the Chicken Dum Biryani that day. It had a wonderful aroma and flavor coming from Kewra which if you get wrong can become overpowering. Here it was just right and really elevated the flavor and aroma of the Biryani…Loved it. I also happened to taste their soft and well done Mutton Rogan Josh and the Fish Kothimir (Basa fish in a coriander based sauce). Well.. not surprisingly, had zero space left for tasting even one thing from their wonderful dessert spread, but since we had just feasted on all those lovely kulfi creations did not feel so bad.:-)

The ambiance at this outlet was also very cosy, earthy and warm with the stone finish walls, floor and partitions, the wooden tables and chairs and the yellow lighting.

Service as usual was top notch and the best in class.

Overall, It was a wonderful experience and I would urge all the Barbeque and Kulfi lovers to head out to your nearest BBQ Nation to experience and decode the Kulfi Nation 🙂

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