Chinita – Real Mexican Food, Indiranagar


For some strange reason, real and authentic Mexican joints have been very scarce in Bangalore though the cuisine itself is fairly well known. Other restaurants do offer run of the mill Mexican dishes which in no way can be termed authentic. Joints such as Taco Bell, California Burrito and Burrito King can’t really be counted as really mexican as they are to some extent, Americanized or Indianized.

After a very long time, I came to hear of this new little Mexican eat-out spot in Indiranagar Double Road near to the RTO/BDA complex which was fast becoming a craze among Mexican Food Lovers. It took me quite sometime to make plans to try this place out. The first time I went there, we did not get a table and had no hope of getting one in the near future, so left disheartened. It is a very small place with hardly a seating capacity for maybe 20-30 people and on weekends it can get very crowded. So Pls don’t land here without a reservation like we did.

Next time, I was better prepared…called in advance and reserved a table for us…and we were promptly seated to our relief.

The menu offers typical Mexican dishes such as Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, Tostadas, Burrito Bowls, Mole (now this is something you don’t see often in most so called Mexican joints) and Enchiladas for mains.

For quenching our thirst, we ordered an Almond Horchata and a Virgin Margherita. Decent stuff I’d say. Horchata somehow did not ring the bell for us in terms of flavor and texture but it seemed to be quite popular as we could see it on every table around us. The Virgin Margherita on the other hand was pretty good though I like mine better with a good measure of Tequila 😉

Chinita Virgin Margherita Chinita Almond Horchata

For appetizers, we zeroed in on the loaded veg Nachos with Soyrizo, Baked Beans, Gooey Cheese, Jalapenos, Salsa and Sour Cream. It has to be among the best loaded nachos we’ve had in a very long time. Wiped the huge plate clean in no time…:-)

Chinita- Veg Nachos

For mains, we ordered a Tostada, a Burrito Bowl and Tacos.

Chinita TostadaThe Tostada with mahi-mahi fish was very refreshing and crunchy. It was loaded with lots of pico de gallo and red/purple cabbage. I would’ve liked more fish on it though.




Chinita TacosThe Tacos with roasted zucchini and corn was also quite good. After a very long time we saw some freshly made yellow corn tacos…:-)




Chinita Burrito Bowl

The Burrito Bowl was just ok…nothing special.






We did not have any space for dessert but could not walk out without sampling at least one. So decided to order the Churros with Chocolate Sauce Dip. Took sometime, I guess because they make it fresh to order. Was pretty good. We also heard that they have a killer chocolate chilli cake and a flan…next time 🙂

Chinita Churros

Service was good and efficient.

Cost…would be around 1000-1200 bucks for 2 people.

Next time, I’m trying their Mole…:-)

Recommended for all Mexican Food Lovers…

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