About Me


Hi There, Welcome to my blog.  I am Samith, an  IT professional for many years and still am for that matter. But this blog has nothing to do with that. This is about my undying passion for all things gastronomic – Food, Food and more Food 🙂

Even as a child, the sight and smell of good food have always fascinated me. My schooling all around India and later, the numerous travels far and yonder as part of my job expanded my taste buds vastly. But even then, I was always a consumer and never thought of actually becoming a creator.

Bangalore in the last decade has exploded in all directions and the biggest change has been the slew of restaurants that have cropped up with all kinds of cuisines to satisfy every imaginable palate. Life continued happily with loads of eating out, getting to know all these exciting new cuisines and their even more exotic ingredients.

The attraction to good food slowly turned to passion as I started understanding these delicate ingredients and the nuances of cooking them to perfection. So very timidly, I entered the holy realms of the Kitchen armed with a host of information I had acquired over the years. Needless to say, the intricacies of cooking delighted me and soon, I found myself experimenting and creating a variety of dishes. The encouragement and comments I have received ( and still receiving) from friends and like minded souls, I met through various foodie communities, have boosted my enthusiasm to no end and have helped me improvise on my cooking and food presentationWell, I’m still learning and there’s a long way to go 🙂 So here I am, a true-blue foodie, presenting to all you food lovers, my experiences with anything and everything gastronomic.

Is this blog only about Bangalore? Well, Yes and No. Having spent already more than 19 years here, I’m more or less a hard core Bangalorean by now. So, while a lot of my reviews are going to be about Bangalore Eat-out spots, the rest like recipes and musings are going to extend way beyond.

An important disclaimer! I’m not a natural writer or for that matter very good at it. So while I’m learning the ropes, my lovely wife will be doubling up as my chief editor & critic.

So thats About Me. Hope you enjoy my blog, forgive (and point out) my errors and show your love & support for it 🙂